Bolivar Royal Corona, a decent cigar at a thoughtful night

A lot of people have been asking me that what makes the best cigar. There are actually some objective criteria to distinguish whether it is a good smoke, for example, the quality of the wrapper, binder and the filler, the fermentation process of that cigar, the aging condition, etc. But in most cases, it is all up to your preference and decision. So that there isn’t one best cigar and other one that follows.


As a regular smoker for 4 years , I prefer to smoke medium to full bodied cigars with certain ring gauge. That’s why, Bolivar Royal corona in Robusto size is one of my regular favourite smoke that has already given me many pleasant smoking experience.


Bolivar Royal Corona, with ring 50 and 124mm in Length, is a well known and sought after Robusto sized cigar made by Bolivar. To my opinion, I think the whole range of Bolivar cigar share the very similar taste, woody, earthy and sometimes a little bit peppery. As always, they have good and smooth draw that optimizes the unique flavour of Bolivar. And amongst of all Bolivar models, I do not hesitate to say  Royal Corona could absolutely be the representative of Bolivar because of its decent taste and perfect burn time – around one hour.


Royal Corona is a very good, full bodied cigar and so far no one disagrees. The thickness of the cigar makes a great contribution to the pureness of smoke. I suppose the only weakness of this cigar is too strong for beginners.



Doesn’t need too much time for aging before the enjoyable smoke

Reasonable price

Regular Bolivar flavours



Maybe too strong for beginners


Strength of aftertaste:


 Bolivar royal corona