Pre-smoking preparation. The selection of cutter and lighting tools.

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Basically, there are 4 methods to remove the cap of the cigar before lighting. Below are the four methods starting from most common to least common.


(1) Single Blade / Double Blade Cutter

These two kinds of the cutter that are considered the best tools for cigar cutting while some cigar aficionados think the double blade cutter does a better job because it leaves a cleaner and straight cut then the other. Also, the cheap small size cutter makes it perfectly portable, just right to fit in your trousers pockets. However, the downside of this kind of cutter is the fixed hole that limits the smoker to cut cigar under certain ring gauge.


(2) Cigar Scissors

Unlike the regular scissors in stationery stores. The two blades of cigar cutters are concavely curved to accommodate the round shape of cigar. Putting the cigar under the blades, you will find a pair of good scissors rest their blades right over the cigar cap and cut them more evenly from the wrapper to the filler. Perfect in function, but with a higher price and bigger size.


(3) Punch Cut

Instead of leaving an straight cut on the cap, a punch cut leaves a small hole on the cap. The most common one on the market is bullet punch, usually a small bullet shape with a circular blade. The advantage of punch cut is that it exposes less of the filler and binder so it reduces the chance of tobacco leaves ending up in the mouth. On the other side, some believe stressing on the cigar while punch cutting would affect the structure of cigar, and the opened small hole would get clogged with tar which blocks the way for a smooth draw.


(4) Your Teeth

When you trace back to history, cuban people do not have much tools….to be frank, they just do not care about the cutting. The only one thing they focus on is the quality of leaves, the process of making, and the techniques of rolling of their cigars. Since the cutting does not really affect a real cigar, they tear the cap out.


Lighting. A frequently asked question. You can use anything to light your cigar that does not spread out bad odour while on fire. For example, blue flame from butane-fueled lighter, cedar wood pieces, matches and sometimes even money. There is not so much to talk about the material you use for lighting but the technique for it.


(1) Stable flame

For example,a blue flame from butane-fueled lighter will do. You light the cigar with ONLY the tip of the flame. Excess high temperature does not light up the cigar, but turns the cigar into ash immediately. During lighting, do not parallely heat the cigar, but at a 45 degree. You only smoke after fully light up the cigar.


(2) Unstable flame

For example, you use matches or cedar wood fire. It is like you draw the fire into your cigar and makes the fire to light it up.