Take your time ! With a cigar culture !

Red Pockets, rice cakes, traditional Chinese costume…… great site.are these only what you think about Chinese New Year ? How about cerebrating by a perfect-aged cigar with a glass of absinthe ?

Ever Cigar (Mong Kok) did provide me a pleasant place to cerebrate Chinese New Year a month ago. Of course, with myself only.

Although the condition of the cigar is sightly different with the shop in Quarry Bay, they did prepare a surprise for me, an aged, dark and oily wrapper cigar – Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill ! I have tried this cigar lots of time before. But this time, i did get a surprise for my Chinese New Year, a fruity odor associate with a sweetness of flower, and ended with a nutty flavour, this is what you supposed to be enjoyed in a holiday, and what should be happened when Chinese culture meets the cigar culture !

Don’t worry, I believe this cigar lounge can provide you a delicate atmosphere and some well-conditioned habanos !

Be not afraid, your red pocket will treat you a fine cigar !short churchill absinthe